Photo: Peter Fabian, 2008

Pavel Schmidt

*1956 Bratislava (Slovakia)

1966–1968 in Mexico, 1968 to Switzerland, studied chemistry at the University of Bern (1977–1978) and art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich (1978–1982), then assistant to Prof. Daniel Spoerri (1986–1988) and professor (1989–1991). The painter, draftsman and sculptor lives in Solothurn (Switzerland). Artisic and literary work, realized with drawings, graphics and calligraphics in pictures, books and graphic cycles, as well as Greek mythological and iconographic oriented, through performances ("blasting" and "cures") generated sculptures, ready-mades and installations. Institutional exhibitions in Switzerland, Germany, France, Austria, the Czech Republic and the USA.ünstler)