Multiples – Serial Originals

“The multiple manufactures originals in series. This means that the objects are not reproductions of an original but are themselves originals. They are not simply...Read more

Great Luck!

...with her father Ernst Helmut and team to develop the prototype of Timm Ulrichs' "Dice of Fortune" with a side length of 30 cm in 47 working hours and to build it...Read more

Ottmar Hörl's Ping-Pong bats

One calls the other “Little Rocket Man” and “sick puppy”, the other one a “mentaly deranged US dotard”. The rebuked one warns the “great power chauvinist“, that he had a...Read more

2018 Report

Portrait photo edition: Visits to Roger Fritz in Munich, whose photographic testimony spans over 60 years. Selection and production of 25 of his best portraits – Beatles...Read more

Die Fotografie der Maler

Auf der Suche nach dem schönen und wahren Bild, dem spontaneren und natürlichen Gesicht, greifen im 19. Jahrhundert viele Porträtmaler zur Fotokamera und die...Read more

Short Report 2017

„Dennoch Mensch“ (Nevertheless man), Bazon Brock's World-human explanatory model in the form of a three-phase lenticular card. „Kunst und Leben (Spitzweg)”, the limited...Read more

Concrete Poetry

Concrete or Visual Poetry: language drawings, word images, image poems, often written on typewriters, composed and communicated simultaneously. Compositions of...Read more

Attetüdenpassepartout Kunst

Wer sich in die Kunst begibt, betritt einen Selbstbedienungsladen für Verhaltensweisen und Legitimationen. Aus den angebotenen Attetüdenpassepartouts des schöpferischen...Read more