Multiples – Serial Originals

“The multiple manufactures originals in series. This means that the objects are not reproductions of an original but are themselves originals. They are not simply...Read more

Short Report 2017

„Dennoch Mensch“ (Nevertheless man), Bazon Brock's World-human explanatory model in the form of a three-phase lenticular card. „Kunst und Leben (Spitzweg)”, the limited...Read more

Concrete Poetry

Concrete or Visual Poetry: language drawings, word images, image poems, often written on typewriters, composed and communicated simultaneously. Compositions of...Read more

Im Namen der Kunst

Wer sich in die Kunst begibt, betritt einen Selbstbedienungsladen für Verhaltensweisen und Legitimationen. Aus den angebotenen Attetüdenpassepartouts des schöpferischen...Read more