5 DM Banana 2020


Two-coloured stencil graffito (pochoir)
on 5-DM banknote (6.2 x 12.2 cm),
edition of 90, signed, numbered and stamped

155,00 €
(incl. VAT plus shipping cost)

30 years after the “German Reunion" the D-Mark is back! After Thomas Baumgärtel’s first banana pochoir at the the 5-DM note adopted in 2002, the 2020 edition got released 18 years later. The banknote shows the Brandenburg Gate of Berlin with "built-in" Musa of the "Bananensprayer" as stencil graffiti on the back of original banknotes printed in 1991 with Bettina von Arnim's portrait on the front. The copy price of 155 Euro is used to pre-finance or co-finance the realisation of Baumgärtel’s project “Banana in the Brandenburg Gate” for the euro cash anniversary 2022.

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