Bananenmaske (Banana mask)


Two-coloured pochoir on light blue glazed mouth-nose mask,
9.5 x 17.5 cm (closed + ribbon),
90 + 9 A.P. unique specimens in series, stamped, signed, numbered

Sold out / On request

For coronaphobic or -philistine art collectors there is now the "Banana Mask" by Thomas Baumgärtel. The artist, who has been notorious as a „Banana Sprayer" since the mid-1980s, has provided mouth-nose protection masks with his typical stencil graffiti. This graffiti can now be found on over 4000 gallery and museum portals in twelve countries. In his pochoir technique, the motif is masked before it is sprayed onto facades, canvases or currently onto „Corona masks".
(Ten percent of the proceeds will go to the Corona Help of Aktion Lichtblicke e.V., Cologne).

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