Desaströses Ich / Grappa Portrait Gallery


Black & white photograph silver gelatine print, 15 x 4 cm, mounted on a 0,5 liter grappa bottle, wooden box with acrylic lid, with flyer;
edition of 100, sign./num. on the back of the photograph (residual items)

180,00 €
(incl. VAT plus shipping cost)

Photo Edition with self-portrait from Jürgen Klauke’s work group "Desaströses Ich" in a square bottle, contains 0.5 liters Grappa di Cartizze from Treviso.
Quote: "There are pictures of these often volatile, subconscious encounters with ourselves, to the approval of the division – which means pictures of the beauty and the horror in us." (Jürgen Klauke)

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