Evening over Potsdam 2022


Lenticular card with film stills from Ellen Kobe's performance film staged after Lotte Laserstein's 1930 painting "Evening over Potsdam" 
10.5 x 18.9 cm
Edition of 500 copies, signed

6,60 €
(incl. VAT plus shipping cost)

The card leads from Lotte Laserstein's "Evening over Potsdam" with a cross-fade of five film stills into the final image of the performance filmed by Ellen Kobe in 2022 on the Winzerberg. Kobe's performance is a reminiscence of Laserstein's self-present interpretation of Leonardo da Vinci's "Last Supper", with which she also recast apostles through friends and Jesus as female. In 1930, as in 2022, the Last Supper table stands in front of the Löwenvilla, from which Graf von Stauffenberg set out for the Wolfsschanze 14 years later, or 78 years before the restaging, with the explosives in his pocket.

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