o.T. (Museum Ludwig Köln)


Portfolio box (26 x 20 x 4 cm) with 9 cutted black-and-white photographs in passepartouts plus 1 xerographie „In der Goseriede“;
edition of 10 + 3 A.P., sign./num.

Sold out / On request

Details from the Museum Ludwig Köln. A fictitious art museum within a real art museum. The obsever is looking through the walls of the museum. Space is opening up by the viewers presence. Freedom evolves for art works that are not at present or rather different perspectives on art. The personal attitude, imagination, the view creates a present, valid reality.
Edition for three installations (cycle “Incomplete Open Space), simultaneously shown at Kunstmuseum Bonn, Rheinisches Landesmuseum Bonn and the Women`s Museum Bonn.

See also: Untitled (Kestner Gesellschaft Hannover), Untitled (Kunstmuseum Bonn) and Senza Titolo (Musei Vaticani)

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