THE END Lenticular wall picture


Eyelid tattoo, two phases lenticular print, 10.15 x 14.39”, 
in a black wooden frame, sign./num. 01/24–24/24

Sold out / On request

In 1981 Timm Ulrichs had the writing THE END tattooed on his right eyelid in Frankfurt's Samy's Tattoo Studio. "THE END" is also the title of a video work which brings together 60 final images from feature films in a seven-minute anthology.
Quotes: "I tattooed my eyelid curtains with the words THE END; when they close, my eye cinema is also over." "When, in the blink of an eye, the end moment comes, when my eyes are closed for eternal sleep, the tag line will appear on the right lid: the final frame of a life formed and performed for the big screen.” 

Since 2010, the motif documented by Foto-Hierner has also been produced as a lenticular card (signed and numbered).

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