Visuelle Konstruktion (Visual Construction)


Silkscreen print (black) on white cardboard, approx. 60 x 60 cm
signed by hand

55,00 €
(incl. VAT plus shipping cost)

Timm Ulrichs created the “Visual Constructions” during his architectural studies at the Technical University of Hanover (1959-66) – with Pelikan Graphos 0.4 mm and compass on Schoellerhammer 6R. This is one of seven motifs that appeared as silkscreen prints in Edition H in 1967/68. The work group stands at the beginning of Ulrichs’s artistic œuvre, which is anchored in Concrete Art and Poetry. In 2018, the remaining stock of the second edition 1968 from the estate of August Haseke (edition h) went to Artikel Editionen.

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