Mozart(?)Kugel (Mozart Ball)


Chocolates Ø 32 mm, with real photo in three motifs: “Grassi" (profile and full face): Green pistachio core, dark and light nougat, shell dark chocolate, silver/gold tinfoil. “Krafft": Pink pistachios, light & dark nougat, shell in milk chocolate, apricot tinfoil. Production on order.

Sold out / On request

In 2006, on the occasion of the 250th birthday of Wolfgang Mozart, Irene Andessner produced role portraits following the best-known Mozart portraits – including the "Portrait of a Man (Mozart?)” painted by Joseph Grassi in 1785 and the portrait of the composer painted after his death by Barbara Krafft in 1818/19, based on the family painting by Johann Nepomuk della Croce (1780). Along with photography and film works, Andessner's “Mozart(?)Kugel", with her Mozart portraits reproduced as real photos, was created for the "Mozart 2006 Salzburg" festival. The art chocolates came in two varieties, from Graz and Vienna, and since 2014 they have been produced in the Konditorei Koch in Salzburg.

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