Concrete Poetry (coaster) PW


Offset print black on white cardboard, 88 x 88 mm, 3 motifs, 3 copies each, altogether 9 coasters with hand-signed leaflet (texts on Concrete Poetry and artist profile) in plastic box, edition of 1.000

29,00 €
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The palindrome composition “spiegel-eve” (1966) spans its angel wings over (Picasso’s erotic) dream and eternity, death and life, good and evil. The word picture “gott tot” (1965) visualises the ambivalence of the axes intersecting in the symbol of Christianity: crucifixion (from the type of execution common in the Ancient Orient and Antiquity to G. W. Bush’s “axis of evil”) and self-crucifixion. The epigram “COGITO ERGO EGO” (1965) focuses Descartes’ winged principle of being through a fragmented permutation on the egocentricity rampant today (a)socially as well as nationalistically.

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