50 Euro/49.90


50 Euro banknote in hard plastic slipcase with price sticker "49,90",
signed and numbered on removable edition label
Ed. of 50, 5 of them framed without surcharge

49,90 €
(incl. VAT plus shipping cost)

In July 2022, Claudius presented a used 50-euro note at the "second-hand price" of 49.90 euros as part of his diploma thesis at the Berlin University of the Arts. With the inflation rate of six per cent predicted by the IFO Institute at that time, a 50-euro banknote was losing ten cents a week. With its pricing, it compensated for a week's loss of monetary value for the buyer. With the edition of this idea, the deficit of 8.07 euros per copy is multiplied because 19 percent VAT is included in the sales price. Five buyers receive the banknote in a Danish design frame (retail price 30 €) without charge - allocation at random. 

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