Key Intelligence [Keychain]


Steel ring with black leather strap and chrome-plated,
KI logo screen-printed metal pendant in black gift box
85 x 20 x 8 mm, Box 52 x 110 x 14 mm

12,50 €
(incl. VAT plus shipping cost)

The revelatory article, with which the open-hearted AI definition is revealed: The conclusively ”AI“-free developed key ring! The key solution for followers of unartificial intelligence who don’t want to be sold encrypted conclusions for their key ring. KEY INTELLIGENCE is the key ring for undecided IQ testimonials! For unlocked ones who have mastered locking away fiction and fake news from the the German FF (”Effeff“ as perfection) and lock out machine assaults with their sphincters. Following Apple’s CEO Tim Cook: ”The key to success for AI is to make sure that it represents human values.“ Finally, those who don’t want Cook’s apple to fall far from the tree seize the humanistically rounded KEY INTELLIGENCE steel ring for gatekeepers and bouncers open. 

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