Im Namen der Kunst / „Art in the Public Space/Berlin“


Photo documentation of art-logos („Kunst“) as shown in the streets of Berlin.
60 c-prints 12.7 x 17.8 cm in cassette, edition of 10 Ex. + 2 A.P.

Sold out / On request

The concept of "art" is shared by a wide variety of product and market sectors, as well as by artistic genres. Andreas Paeslack collects evidence in his project "In the Name of Art", in which Bazon Brock took over the patronage. The photocassette contains a collection of 60 photographs from art-logos as shown in the streets of Berlin. Art as it is presented in the public space.

In this series of works are also published: the graphiccassette "Google Kunst", a name tag, a wallpaper, a packing tape as well as a series of passport photos and documents with the family name art.

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