Concrete Poetry (beer coasters “Ordnung/Unordnung”, “Rose/Eros” etc.)

1961 ff / 2017

Offset printing black on white card, 88 x 88 mm; 3 motifs, 3 copies each, 9 beer coasters with folded sheet (motif overview with explanatory text about “Concrete Poetry” as an art form and short artist profile) in plastic can, signed.

29,00 €
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Timm Ulrichs published two of these calligrams in 1969 in the folder “Weiter im Text – Visuelle Texte 1960-65”. This new edition makes his early works of concrete poetry readable today by means of communicative beer coasters. The edition box contains, in addition to nine coasters with three anagrams, a hand-signed folder with a brief introduction to the art form of Concrete Poetry as well as a short portrait of the author. (Definition of Concrete Poetry under INFO)
See also: Editions “AM ANFANG WAR THE WORD AM.” and “Always Remember To Forget Me!”

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