Unschuld 2020 (Innocence 2020)


Antibacterial hand cleansing gel in 50 ml PET bottle (45 x 22 x 104 mm), label printed signature

Sold out / On request

23 years after the release of Ottmar Hörl's UNSCHULD soap (distribution: about 65,000 copies), there is an update in the form of the hand cleansing gel dispenser commonly used in the Corona year 2020. Product description: 50 ml antibacterial hand cleansing gel for disinfection in crystal clear PET bottle, prompt and easy to use without water. Vegan, pH skin neutral, without parabens and preservatives. Dermatologically tested: "Very good skin compatibility". Made in Germany. Durability: 3 years / 6 months after opening.

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