Concrete Poetry Coasters HEARTH/WOMAN/LOVEPOEM


Offset printing black on white card, 88 x 88 mm; 3 motifs, 3 copies each, 9 beer coasters with folded sheet (motif overview with explanatory text about “Concrete Poetry” and artist profile) in plastic can, hand signed

29,00 €
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Concrete Poetry, founded in 1954, is a genre that combines literature and typography. There are language drawings, word images, image poems, often written on typewriters, composed and communicated simultaneously. Compositions of figurative poems, palindromes, anagrams, ambigrams, epigrams. Illustrative concepts and condensed excerpts, literal phrases and deconstructed paraphrases, rhythmic slogans, and newly-formatted leitmotifs. Richard Tipping launches his Concrete Poetry since the mid 1970s.
(Long version under INFO) See also Timm Ulrichs’ „Konkrete Poesie“ coasters

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