Sunken Village (Versunkenes Dorf), Fröttmaning, DVD


Documentatary film by Wolfgang Braden, 2007, 60 min;
DVD edition, numbered and signed by Timm Ulrichs

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As of 1950, the village Fröttmaning near Munich gives way to a landfill, only the Church of the Holy Cross remained. 200 meters away Timm Ulrichs build a 1:1 copy of the Romanesque village church, which disappears partially in the ground – as a reminder of the lost colony: "As a kind of loss not progress, but the flip side, namely fallen victim to it, the repressed" (Ulrichs). Wolfgang Braden has observed the project from the planning and construction process until the inauguration with the camera. His documentation contains statements of the artist and the participants in the project, supplemented by references from the image of architecture, art and cultural history.

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