Concrete Poetry Beer coasters „silencio“, „ping pong“, „das schwarze geheimnis“


Offset print black on white cardboard, 88 x 88 mm; 3 motifs, 3 copies each, total of 9 beer coasters with leaflet (motif overview with explanatory text on the art genre "Concrete Poetry" and author’s short profile) in a plastic case, unlimited/hand-signed

29,00 €
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With his poem ”ping pong“ in 1953, Eugen Gomringer created the original poem of the New Poetry. In ”silencio“ he gives space to silence "to recover from silence". In the poem set to read in all directions ”das schwarze geheimnis ist hier“ (the black mystery is here) he forces the reader to look at the mystery and to keep it as a (written) image. In this way Gomringer also corresponds with the other pioneers of Concrete Poetry represented in this edition series, Gerhard Rühm and Timm Ulrichs.

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