Barbara Blomberg Souvenir


Wooden light box with role portrait, primordial containing “Barbara-Küssen” [Barbara’s kisses, pralines], 19 x 19 x 6.5 cm;
Collectors’ edition of 14 APs (Inkjet print, pralines) – sold out.
Regular edition of 50 (offset print), sign./num.

220,00 €
(incl. VAT plus shipping cost)

For a gallery exhibition at Lindinger + Schmid in Regensburg, Irene Andessner slipped into the role of Barbara Blomberg – no portrait image of whom has been handed down. The daughter of a Regensburg burgher had been put as a “hot water bottle” (in the vernacular expression) into the bed of King Charles V on his 1546 journey through. There thus emerged on the one hand Don Juan de Austria, on the other “Barbara-Küsse” [Barbara’s kisses], which are still made today by a Regensburg confectioner. The main work, a role portrait of the commander’s mother, was bought by the City of Regensburg for the town hall.
See also: Barbara Blomberg Wärmflasche (Hot-water bottle)

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