Concrete Poetry Beer coasters „leibleib“, „udu“, „alles“


Offset print black on white cardboard, 88 x 88 mm; 3 motifs, 3 copies each, total of 9 beer coasters with leaflet (motif overview with explanatory text on the art genre "Concrete Poetry" and author’s short profile) in a plastic case, unlimited/hand-signed

29,00 €
(incl. VAT plus shipping cost)

Based in Vienna, Gerhard Rühm is independent, but simultaneously with Fahlstöm and Gomringer at the start of Concrete Poetry. This edition brings together three of his early poems, typographically conceived in 1954: ”leibleib“, ”udu“ and ”alles“ (everything). In contrast to other pioneers of Concrete Poetry (Eugen Gomringer, Timm Ulrichs) represented in this edition series, the studied composer and pianist Rühm writes poetry and experiences it synaesthetically. He can hear the symbols of the writing, see the music – and poetically condense both.

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