Point of Sale


Pin, Ø 12 mm, on postcard, in a plastic bag

9,90 €
(incl. VAT plus shipping cost)

In marketing, the ‘Point of Sale’ (PoS) refers to the place at which supply and demand meet – in the case of consumer goods, the retailer’s till or check-out. In the art market the rod dot marks the sale of an exhibited work. In industrial design it stands for prize-winning products (‘Red Dot Design Award’). In German urban transport since 1968 it has signaled that someone wants a lift or is prepared to offer one (‘Aktion Roter Punkt’). Hindus wear a red dot (bindi) in the centre of their forehead – as a spiritual or third eye. With the ‘Point of Sale’ pin the red point can be worn by every man and woman – whatever they they like to believe in.

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