Think Always remember to forget me! Brooch


Artist brooch 25 x 45 x 3 mm, gold letters deepened in black painted metal; with a hand signed edition card in a plastic pouch

28,00 €
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Given the "grave times for the unknown soldier" Timm Ulrichs claimed compensation for the "unknown, unrecognized, misunderstood or hushed up artist" (1969). In the formulation of his grave inscription he follows the advice of the Milan Futurists Aldo Palazzeschi "to dictate grave writings, which are based on puns and double entenders" (1913) and dictated a stonemason the antinomy: "Always remember to forget me! / Timm Ulrichs * 31. 3. 1940“ (Collection Karl Ernst Osthaus Museum Hagen) which he miniaturized to an amulet with the epitaph "Think 'Always Remember To Forget Me!" (1972). 

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