Apples and Oranges MacBook Air miniature mirror


Folding pocket mirror, 94 x 65 x 10 mm; with covering and stamped art card (Paul Cézanne: "Pommes et Oranges", ca. 1899)

22,00 €
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For Apple users, to compare Macs with PCs would be as inappropriate as comparing apples and pears, to use the German expression. However, apples and pears cannot necessarily be compared with Apple Macs and Pears - because for a Cockney Londoner this fruit combination means something: stairs (to go up the apples & pears means "to go upstairs"). If an Englishman finds a comparison unsuitable, he speaks of "apples and oranges". The French suggest a vegetable rather than a fruit metaphor: they do not want to mix cauliflowers and carrots ("mélanger des choux et des carottes"). They prefer to combine apples and oranges or pears in their still lifes: Gustave Courbet, Félix Vallotton, René Magritte etc. The motif for the pocket mirror edition "Apple/s and Orange/s" comes from Paul Cézanne: "Pommes et Oranges", ca. 1899.

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