Bar of soap in embossed with "Unschuld", in black plastic soap dish, screen-printed lid ("Unschuld"), 6.8 x 10.3 x 4.1 cm
Edition (conceptual) limited: 82 Mio. ex., sign./num. (60.000 pcs. produced jet)

17,00 €
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The bar of soap embossed with ‘UNSCHULD’ – objectifying Pilate’s words: ‘I wash my hands in innocence’ – by Ottmar Hörl has been released 1997. Fragranced after Thierry Mugler’s perfume "Angel". Screen-printed lid. Edition (conceptual) limited to 82 Mio., each single piece handsigned and numbered. With over 66,000 examples, this edition ranks in the art market as the world’s most successful multiple. 
Also available: Limited collector’s edition "UNSCHULD conversio“, produced as black soap in white box.

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